Our Vision

Is to maintain our leading position in potatoes exports and furthermore to expand our sales network particularly overseas.


Our Mission

  • We will continue to deliver high-quality fresh products to domestic and international markets.
  • We will maintain and develop a customer-focussed business that has a solid reputation as one the leading fresh produce packing and distributing companies in Cyprus.
  • We will remain focussed on the well-being of our growers, the consumer and the environment.
  • We will strive to develop new markets for our products thereby contributing to Cyprus' growth and prosperity.


Key Strategic Initiatives

Improve consumer demand for Cyprus' fresh potatoes

  • Market and promote fresh Cyprus potatoes
  • Develop export opportunities for fresh potatoes
  • Deliver only the highest quality products to our customers
  • Improve consumer knowledge of potatoes
  • Promote the nutritional value of potatoes
  • Seek new varieties with improved quality and taste

Improve our business

  • Use research and development to build a better business
  • Develop and implement cost-saving, efficiency-improving initiatives
  • Invest in the latest industry developments to maintain a competitive edge
  • Enhance environmental sustainability
  • Have in place a plan to ensure total international certification requirements are met

Improve growers' efficiency and productivity

  • Provide product information, guidance, assistance and feed-back to growers
  • Encourage growers to invest in and use new technology
  • Promote cost-effective production methods
  • Promote environmental awareness