A.S. Pilavakis Ltd is strategically located in the hub of the potato growing area of Liopetri in the Famagusta district of Cyprus. The company owns two hygienic facilities that cover approximately 15,000m2 and meet all European standards for food safety.

The original premises house the washing production line and an extensive temperature-controlled storage area. Products destined for the domestic market are also loaded from this location.

In the new facilities there are three specialized production lines, versatile enough to package a variety of weight-specified packs. Two of them are used for packing 20kg, 25kg and 1000kg bags, and are capable of handling 25 tons per hour in total. They are mainly used for packing potatoes for export and industry. The third line is used for packing 3kg and 5kg bags, to supply wholesale markets and supermarkets in Cyprus. That packing line is capable of handling 6 tons per hour and is in use year-round. Also located in the new facilities are the main offices, staff facilities, a quality control laboratory, and additional dry-storage areas.

To enable a prompt response to customer demand, the company uses a range of mechanical handling equipment to move product around the facilities and to load vehicles and containers. A specialist logistics and distribution organization undertakes the delivery of products to wholesale markets, supermarkets and food processors throughout Cyprus, and the handling of export deliveries.